Augmented expertise: tools to meet the different needs of industrial performance

Augmented expertise : business calculations and analysis, operational management and data visualization

Augmented Expertise consists of a set of business modules that meet the needs of the various players in industrial performance (operational staff, R&D teams, processes experts, and data specialists…). It is based on the Process Data Lake, which makes it possible to speed up greatly the deployment of business functions in the field and quickly obtain expected returns on investment.

Discover below the different Augmented Expertise modules available in the OIAnalytics solution. This modular approach makes it possible to meet a variety of needs while offering operation and coherent ergonomics for a simplified handling.



The central visualization and reporting tool for your data. Just as well at ease on short views for both management and long-term views for analysis and reporting, it capitalizes on the business repository of the Process Data Lake to make the representation of data in various and varied forms accessible to all.

The OIAnalytics Dashboards module allows:

  • To fully automate the generation of your visualizations and reporting.
  • To build multi-level views depending on the angle you want to look at your data.
  • To represent your data in many numerical or graphic forms
  • To share your dashboards thanks to a collaborative approach while being able to manage fine access control.



The solution to gain in depth in your data analyzes while giving the hand to business teams. Using proven statistical analysis and Machine Learning techniques, OIAnalytics’ analysis tools simplify the work necessary to answer questions that arise regularly in the context of control and processes improvement. In particular, our analysis tools allow:

  • To find parameters to control to reduce the variability of performance, and to determine the optimal operating conditions to obtain the best performance.
  • To identify the anomalies sources to prioritize the lines of field investigation and reduce non-conformities, faults…
Operational contral

Operational control

This module is designed to operationally support the process control, 6 Sigma approaches. Based on the Process Data Lake and the Dashboards module, it allows:

  • To simplify the whole management of control limits and their updating.
  • To automate the generation of control charts and associated SPC alerts.



This module is designed to work on productivity improvement, by working on the OEE. Based on the Process Data Lake and the Dashboards module, it allows:

  • To manage the OEE measurement conditions (opening ranges, measurement scope, non-performance classification reference system…).
  • To track down non-performance events (stops, slowed pace, non-quality …), to qualify them automatically and/or manually.
  • To restore the various monitoring indicators in the Dashboards module (OEE, pareto of non-performance causes, shutdown causes…)
  • To simplify the analysis of non-perfomance root causes by allowing the combination of data related to the OEE with other equipment or process data.

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